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Nowadays, it’s necessary to protect your computer from external threats like viruses and malware. An antivirus software is the best way to stay protected while you shop, stream and browse online. View and compare our top-rated antivirus software providers below and choose the best antivirus software for your online security needs.

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Why You Need Antivirus Software

Viruses, malware and adware don’t just come when downloading files or browsing the internet. A lot of people think that they can avoid potential threats by making sure they don’t visit certain websites or download certain files. This may have been the case a decade ago, but computer viruses have come a long way since then.

Computer viruses can make their way onto your Windows or Apple computer (or tablet, smartphone, etc.) in a number of ways. You can get viruses when you do simple tasks like checking your email or inserting a USB memory stick in your PC.

Virus protection is a requisite of having your own personal computer. Because antivirus software is so important, there are hundreds of choices available – each with its own pros and cons. Choosing an internet security software or antivirus software can be difficult, but that’s why we’re here!

How Antivirus Software Works

Antivirus software typically works on a file signature database and most are being monitored 24/7/365 by different security companies. If there is a new virus reported, it’s indexed, catalogued and added to the software’s database. If you keep your software up to date, it will be ready to handle any new viruses that try to enter your computer or other devices.

You often have three options when faced with a threat on your computer: 1) delete the threat, 2) quarantine it, 3) or ignore it. The best virus protection services will give you all these options.

While it seems obvious that you want to always delete new viruses, some are classified as “un-deletable” and quarantining is your only option. When you quarantine a virus, a folder will keep the virus isolated and prevent it from spreading or causing damage to other files.

Additionally, there are two methods in which antivirus can scan your PC or device - either passive or active. Passive antivirus requires you to set a schedule or complete manual virus scans, while active ones run in the background; detecting and fighting threats in real-time. The best antivirus software will not slow down your device while scanning and some even help your computer run faster.

Pick the Best Antivirus Software

If you just want a simple antivirus software, it can be a bit overwhelming to make a choice. It can be very difficult to find the best one for you with so many features, options and unique selections. But the truth is, the industry-leading software your company uses to protect its network probably isn’t what you want for your home network. If you blindly pick the same antivirus software that your company uses, you could find yourself swamped with features that you just don’t want or need.

When you are searching for personal protection, there are some great deals that are effective personal, editions. There are even some free antivirus options available. While the free software won’t cost you a cent up front, it also won’t protect your computer in the same way that a paid antivirus software will - and it most certainly won’t include internet security software.

When you choosing an antivirus software, consider your needs how you use your computer. For example, if you’re online a lot then you need an internet security software with a built-in firewall, but if you’re constantly checking email then you’ll want anti-spam, spyware and phishing features. If you have children look for software with parental controls, and if you are a gamer, keep an eye out fora “gaming mode,” which prompts the internet security software to use less resources while you play.

You’ll also want to consider the compatibility of the antivirus software with your operating system, whether that be Windows or Mac OS and everything in between.

The reviews on this website should help you find the best antivirus software. We’ve evaluated the best choices available on the market, but it’s up to you to decide which the best is your needs. If you need more help, visit our antivirus reviews page.