The Top 10 Internet Security Suites of 2021

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User-friendly, innovative and forward-thinking protection for your entire online and offline activity.
Great for total protection and enhanced system performance
Feature-rich antivirus, using the cloud to maximize its performance against malware and more.
Safe, simple and secure antivirus protection; with extremely low impact on your system.
Excellent PC protection that includes powerful antivirus and award-winning firewall. Reliable and easy to use.


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Basic antivirus software should protect your computer from most malicious software, but if you really want to enjoy peace of mind, you probably need an internet security suite. This type of package provides additional protection for when you are online or using email – it also comes with lots of other nice features. Purchasing a security suite can significantly beef-up your defenses against online criminals and pests but only if you choose an appropriate product.

Do You Need an Internet Security Suite?

A security suite is basically a full antivirus program with some useful additional features. If you are not going to be using these extras, you don’t need to purchase this package. A security suite costs slightly more than standard antivirus software, so you need to decide if the extra protection is worth the additional cost.

If you are a light internet user, cautious with email, and don’t mind your movements being tracked online, you are probably going to get sufficient protection from a regular high-quality antivirus package. It may even be possible for you to enjoy some of the additional security suite features like parental control by using other free software – although you want to be careful of downloading fake programs that infect your machine.

If you spend a few hours online most days, it probably is going to be worth your while to purchase an internet security suite. It is also worth considering if you get a lot of email or are worried about identity theft. Just having this extra protection can give you peace of mind, and this is usually worth paying a little bit extra money to enjoy.

How to Choose an Internet Security Suite

Almost all of the popular antivirus providers provide an internet security suite package – this is their premium product. It is important to stick to one of the well-known brands because these companies have earned their reputations – they can also afford to use the best resources to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

Unless you enjoy spending hours mastering the intricacies of this type of software, it is probably best to stick to something that is easy to use. The sign of a quality product is that it is easy to setup, and it works flawlessly in the background without any real effort from you. There are differences to the way these programs work, so it is a good idea to experiment with the free options to get a feel for them.

An internet suite shouldn’t be at all intrusive on your computer. This means that it doesn’t slow other programs down or cause applications to crash. You probably just want something that is going to do an effective job, but you completely forget that it is there most of the time. It is worth doing some research online to determine if users have had problems with any product you are considering. You are far less likely to experience aggravation by sticking to the popular options.

Most Important Features with an Internet Security Suite

The most important feature on any internet security suite is the antivirus protection – if the product isn’t capable of keeping your machine safe, you are just wasting your money. You want something that is always working in real time to prevent malware getting on your machine and putting any suspicious code into quarantine. You should expect to be getting regular updates because this is what allows you to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

One of the important advantages of an internet security suite is that it helps to keep you safe when you are online. This is vital if you use your computer for banking or you enjoy buying things from the web. Email filters means that you will be warned of any suspicious activity in your inbox – it also makes things easier to manage by eliminating spam. The software can also make it much harder for people to track you online or annoy you with pop-up advertisements.

Additional Internet Security Suite Features

Internet security suites also usually come with some other interesting features – although you may not have a need to use them. If you have young children, you make like to take advantage of parental controls. This means you can use the security suite to prevent your kids from visiting certain websites – it also makes it easier to keep track of what they are up to. The same technology can be used by adults to reduce the time spent on social media sites – you can arrange it so you are only able to visit these websites at certain times of the day.