Antivirus Software Price Comparison 2021

Looking for the best antivirus software? This is where you will find answers. Our editors compare and review the top antivirus software and present the information that will allow you to make educated choices. We rate based on our own experiences and are able to provide this comparison service to you thanks to the referrals we get from certain companies on our site.

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Having to spend money on antivirus software is a bit of a pain. It is hard to appreciate the benefits of this protection because when it is working, you don’t even notice it is there. Antivirus products are a bit like car insurance, you only understand the value of it when something goes wrong and you don’t have it. The one noticeable benefit you can get from this purchase is peace of mind, and you don’t have to spend much money to enjoy this.

Do You Even Need to Pay for Antivirus Software?

Let’s face it, the internet has greatly increased our expectations when it comes to getting our hands on free stuff. It is now possible to enjoy games, movies, music, eBooks, and lots of other great stuff online without spending any money. An antivirus program is unlikely to provide you with much in the way of entertainment, so it sounds fair that this is one product that should definitely be free.

There are plenty of free antivirus software programs to be found online, and some of these offer a reasonable amount of protection. The problem is that online threats are getting more sophisticated all the time, and these free products are not going to protect you from everything. You also need to be aware that some of the free antivirus software is actually part of a scam to trick you into buying an expensive product. Pirated products can be particularly dangerous, so it is strongly recommended that you avoid downloading any of these.

The Levels of Protection from Different Antivirus Products

The most important way that antivirus products differ is in the level of protection they provide. None of this software is ever going to be completely infallible, but you can have such a high level of security on your machine that you are unlikely to have problems.

The most basic level of protection would be an antivirus scanner. This is a program you run on your machine, and it seeks out known threats and warns you if any of these are found. A basic antivirus package is far more effective than a scanner because it works in real-time, and it prevents viruses from getting onto your machine in the first place. One of the advantages of a basic paid product is that it is going to be regularly updated, so you can be sure your computer is able to deal with the latest known threats.

The next level of protection would be the premium products such as the security suites. These come with lots of added features to beef-up your security. This type of product can protect you online from spyware and websites that might infect your computer, and it can also help to keep you safe from scam emails. Security suites also come with lots of additional features such as parental control, file backup (this is becoming an essential feature), and tools to improve the performance of your computer.

What You Need to Know About Antivirus Prices

Most of the top antivirus software providers offer a free version of their product. The main purpose of this option is to give you an idea of how the system works. It offers you a basic level of protection, but it is unlikely to be enough to keep you safe long-term. The next step up would be the basic paid package. This should be enough to protect you from most malware, but you may still be in danger from spyware and email scams. Security suite prices are a bit higher than the basic package, but it comes with lots of additional features (see above). Some antivirus software providers also offer an ultimate package, and this usually involves things like the ability to back-up all the files on your computer.

Finding Special Deals for Antivirus Software

There is a great deal of competition between the different providers of antivirus products, and this means you can usually find some nice deals. You usually purchase this protection on a subscription basis, so can get a reduction in price by agreeing to a longer contract (usually 2 years). You can also enjoy significant discounts by purchasing this protection for more than one computer at a time (keep in mind that when you buy an antivirus program, it usually only covers one machine).